Monday, August 17, 2015

Have Fun, Learn Lots!

Summer vacation is quickly winding down around here.  Our oldest has her first day of college (gasp!) today.  The little guy returns to preschool on Tuesday, and our middle one starts first grade on Wednesday.  Phew.  Lots of new beginnings all packed into one crazy, back-to-routines, don't-forget-to-pack-the-lunches kind of week.

I know it's cliche, but it does go so fast, doesn't it?  Back in June, it seemed like the easy, unstructured days of summer stretched out before us into infinity.  But alas, summer does come to an end eventually.  This week, we say farewell to T-ball games, lazy pool afternoons, and late bedtime routines.  Hello lunch boxes, early mornings, wardrobe debates and homework!

Each new season starts with a surge of hope and optimism.  So here are my big hopes for this school year.

For our little man, entering his final year of preschool:
Hang onto that sweet little boy heart and curiosity.  Ask all your questions, even when people start to roll their eyes.  Enjoy being the "big kid" in your class this year.  Be kind and gentle with all those little three-year-olds.  Keep on wearing mismatched socks, rain boots on the wrong feet and backwards pants because it helps me hold on to the little-boy joy of you just a little bit longer.    Oh, and if it's not too much trouble, let go of your aversion to making letters and learn to write your name.  It will come in handy when you get to kindergarten next year. For reals. 

Hey, and how about a little more of this:

And a little less of this:

To our sweet 6-going-on-16 first grader:

May you forever love school and learning as much as you do right now.  Keep on reading with vigor, practicing Mandarin like a pro, and trying new things.  Be a friend to the new kids that will be scared, just like you were last year.  Write your stories even if you don't know how to spell all the words.  Don't be scared that you don't know "first grade math".  That's what first grade is for....learning all that important first grade stuff.  Play hard, work hard and sleep well at the end of each day knowing that you tried your best. No, you won't be getting your own phone this year.  Or next year.  And probably not the year after that.  Hang in there, kiddo.  Life is hard. 

To our big kid, beginning her college career:
For the record, your sister thinks you are the LUCKY one because you get to go back to school before her.  Let go of the anxiety and the doubt, because you GOT this.  Explore your new campus.  Say "Hi" to someone you don't know.  Ask questions.  Take a class that isn't your first choice because you just might stumble into something new that you love.  Savor this opportunity and remember that it is a blessing.  Don't worry about figuring it all out...a major, a career, a all unfolds wonderfully as it should, challenges, successes, hurts, joys and all. 

Above all, have fun and learn lots my favorite little (and not so little) people!