Wednesday, June 19, 2013

A simple sunny day

Looking Down The First Fairway

Hubby's milestone birthday served as a good excuse to get out of town to do some Mommy/Daddy celebrating this weekend.  We dropped the kids off at Mimi's house and headed to Ashland, OR. 

Ashland is one of our favorite getaway destinations.  There is theater GALORE there.  Shakespeare, musicals, cabaret, drama, comedy....whatever your pleasure you can find it there.  There is also fantastic food to be found in Ashland.  I mean seriously good grub, people.  And so many choices!  Thai, Italian, Vegetarian, French, and on and on and on.  Name a good food, and I'm fairly certain you can find it in Ashland.  This time around we went Italian (Cucina Biazzi) and they did not disappoint.  It was four courses of serious yum. 

 At this time of year, when our beloved hometown hits triple-digit temperatures with alarming regularity, a trip to Ashland also brings welcome relief from the heat.  We're talking 80 degrees in the middle of June.  Eighty degrees is nearly unheard of in our town in the middle of summer. Oh the joy of being able to walk 100 yards from the store to your car without breaking a sweat.  The luxury of opening your windows in the late afternoon to let in fresh air.  At home, we typically forego these simple pleasures for three-four months each year as we plod through the summer season.

An 80 degree day in June is a beautiful thing. 

This wonderful, sunny day was the perfect excuse to get out on the golf course.  So we played 9 holes at this fantastic little course in Medford, OR, Stuart Meadows.   I use the term "played" somewhat loosely because me hitting a golf ball around doesn't necessarily qualify as a true game of golf.   Let's just say I'm now familiar with a few of the sand bunkers at Stuart Meadows.  A few of my balls may have gone for a swim.  And I may or may not have lost track of my score on a few holes because I hit the ball so many times. Hubby is a little more serious about it.  And typically he is very patient as I hack at my ball 2-3 times to catch up to his first drive. God bless him. 

Taking 3-4 hours on a Sunday afternoon to play a round of golf is such a simple luxury for us.  With three kids and a house and jobs and all the other obligations of everyday life, we rarely get out to play.  There is always laundry to do, a pool to clean, yard work, and children that need attention.  Sometimes it takes a milestone birthday for us to make an excuse, get out of the house, ignore the to-do list and just do it. Impressive performance or not, it was a wonderful day on the green. 

 Sunshine.  Lovely groomed course.  Good company.  And 80 degrees. 

 Fore joy. 

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