Friday, December 27, 2013

Truths of Christmas 2013

The busy buzz of Christmas has now passed.  I even went to work today.  I'm not sure what your house looks like the day after Christmas, but ours is a little out of sorts.  It's still in a mild state of disarray with our furniture displaced to accommodate large crowds of kids and presents, leftover bows strewn about in every corner, and some new toys still in the packaging waiting to be discovered. 

Our fridge is packed with an obscene amount of leftover Christmas treats...cinnamon rolls, ribbon candy, white chocolate covered popcorn, peppermint bark, an assortment of Christmas cookies, berry pie, and candied almonds....oh my. 

The menu for lunch and dinner today was leftover meat and cheese tray, with a side of cocktail shrimp and veggie tray scraps.  Ahhh...the day after Christmas. 

As I grow older, holidays seem to melt together.  With most of our family living nearby, we rarely travel out of town for major holidays.  Each year the celebrations seem similar to years past until I stop and note the details. 

Here are the truths that I noticed during Christmas, 2013...

Christmas is messy.  All the wrapping and shopping eventually just explodes into one crazy-fun Christmas living room mess. 

You're never too old for footie jammies.  

Aunt Rissy makes a mean platter of Christmas cookies.  This is just one (of three) plates my sister-in-law brought to our house for the family Christmas gathering.  Not only do they look cute and perfectly crafted, they taste pretty awesome too.  We look forward to her cookies all year long.  
The Christmas story told through the traditional children's pageant at church breathes new life into an old, tired tale better than any sermon I've ever heard.
You know you're an adult when you really do look forward to the joy of giving more than the joy of receiving.  This is my dad opening our gift of an antique water pump that we had cleaned and restored.  The pump was in my parents home when it burned down 14 years ago, and was one of the few pieces that was salvaged after the fire.  It felt good to give back a tangible piece of history to my parents. 

A bowtie-wearing, two-year-old shepherd is just about the cutest thing imaginable. 

Box trumps toy just about every time in our house. 


Christmas smiles are priceless.

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  1. What a lovely memory of a perfect Christmas celebration! Thank you! Rissy