Monday, March 24, 2014

Dam Fine Fashion.

You've heard the quote, "Dance like nobody's watching"?  I think it's often intermingled with other corny advice like "Love like you've never been hurt" or "Sing like nobody's listening".  Essentially what they're getting at is....DO what you're doing and don't worry about what everybody else might be thinking about your off-key singing or Seinfeld-episode-worthy dancing.  

My kids have taken this advice to heart in at least one area of their life.  Wardrobe.  Their motto is "Dress like you're Lady Gaga."  In other words, make it crazy.  Break the rules.  Fashion forward means loud, seasonally inappropriate and un-matching.  Wear it proudly and don't worry about the second glances and hushed commentary that will be coming your way as you strut your stuff around the neighborhood. 

Case and point.  Today we took a little trip to one of our local landmarks, the Shasta Dam.  If you are interested in Dam trivia, Shasta is the second largest concrete dam (by mass) in the United States.  The first largest is not Hoover Dam, as you may assume.  It's actually the Grand Coulee Dam in Washington.  But anyway....back to fashion. 

It was a bright, sunny, spring day today so we piled in the car to visit this monument of American engineering. For footwear the kids both selected their cowboy boots (perhaps going with the Americana theme?).  These aren't just any boots....they are fancy cowboy boots that light up when you walk.  They are attention grabbers, let me tell you.  Which is probably a good thing because then it might distract you from the typical chaos of the rest of the outfit.

My daughter selected her light blue, taffeta Easter dress from last year with bright magenta knee-socks.  Her accessory of choice was a shiny pink costume skirt worn on her shoulders as a cape.  This look was, of course, completed with the light up footwear.

My son was a little more subdued but also went with the Americana theme.  Red shirt, blue football sweatshirt, red shorts and blue (light up!) cowboy boots.  Nothing says haute couture like naked knees paired with cowboy boots. 

When we leave the house on "creative dress" days like today, I do my best to relax and embrace the carefree spirit my kids put into their wardrobe choices. I like to think of myself as an ambassador of goodwill to the world.  Here world...I bring you icons of joy in the form of creative preschool fashionistas.  Smile.  Appreciate their stylish ensembles.  Giggle a little as they walk on by.  Enjoy. 

Please just don't ask them to sing.  

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