Thursday, October 30, 2014

Selifes at Six

My girls and I took a little day trip last weekend.  We had big plans to go see the "bubbly mud" at Lassen Volcanic National Park, but a early winter storm closed the road through the park.  Undeterred, we rerouted our plans and headed west to Trinity County.

We had a great day touring the Joss House, picnicking at One Maple Winery, visiting the Weaverville history museum and hiking at Whiskeytown.  Our day ended with dinner at Red Lobster where my six year old considered her kid menu options and actually chose crab legs over chicken nuggets.  I'm not sure what inspired her to try something new....must have been the spirit of adventure in our day.

Our adventures were interspersed with long(ish) car rides to get from here to there.  As typically happens when we venture beyond the city limits, my daughter wanted an electronic device to keep her entertained.  I handed over my iPhone for approximately 20 minutes, during which she diligently practiced an important life skill....The Selfie.

Here is my tongue.

The toothless smile
Here is the bottom view of my nose.
Can't...quite...touch the nose.
Yes.  There it is.  Tongue is still there.
Just pretending.  I swear. 
How do those eyebrow freaks do that trick?

Are we there yet?
Yep.  Still there. 

Extreme close up.

Pucker face.  

Gosh, I hope my mom plasters this all over the Internet.

We had a good laugh when we went back to review the photos of our day.  I found the Selfies to be even more hilarious when compared to the photos that our 92-year old tour guide captured at the Joss House....

Oh wait.  That's just the feet.

OK.  Got the knees.  Getting closer.

Fuzzy.  (Followed by at least 8 more fuzzy)


Thankfully the tour guide's knowledge of Trinity county history far surpassed her iPhone photography skills.  Next time we'll leave the technology to the six year old expert. 

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