Monday, August 19, 2013

Checking Off "The List"

I've been plugging away on my 40 Fabulous Things list.  I must say it has served its purpose of keeping me entertained this year.  And it has given me an excuse to do a few things that would probably be put off until "another day" that may or may not ever come. 

I am happy to report that #16, Paint the Bathroom, is finally marked off the list.  It turned into a small comedy of errors when my work didn't pass muster with our family inspector, it took four (yes four) coats of paint to get the ceiling "right", and after it was all done, it didn't quite provide the Total Bathroom Transformation we were envisioning.  But it is done.  And now our bathroom is not mustard yellow.  So I think we can call that a success. 

Some progress has been made on #34, Read 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.  I'm strongly committed to completing this one because, how embarrassing would that be if this is the ONE thing on the list that doesn't get done?  I consider myself to be pretty effective, but I've never read the entire book.  Just think of my productivity after I learn all the secrets of highly effective people! 

This past weekend I hit the trail for #3, and hiked to the top of Mt. Lassen.  The park service was really working against me on this one.  The trail is undergoing major renovation to improve safety and accessibility.  Therefore, it is only open to the public a handful of weekends this summer to allow the trail crew to blast tons of rock and cut new stairways into the side of the mountain.  I was joined on the hike by two good friends; An old, high-school classmate and a former co-worker, both of whom I don't see often enough. 

We hit the road early in hopes of beating the heat and the crowds.  We started up the trail around 9am and I don't recall a single lull in the conversation the whole way up the mountain.  Girl talk and getting back to nature....perfect combination for a Saturday morning!  It's 2.5 miles from the trailhead to the top of the world.  It's a dusty, narrow, semi-precarious route...

...that is 100% worth the effort. 

I know I have a tendency to compare everything to Disneyland.  But truly, the trail that day was about as crowded as the Happiest Place on Earth.  Seriously.  As we descended the mountain, the constant stream of thrill-seekers going up the trail was a bit overwhelming.  Every 200 yards or so we would step to the side and let the uphill hikers go by.  We cheered on the young kids that were attempting the climb.  The ill-prepared hikers wearing Birkenstocks (!!) or sporting 2-year old children up on their shoulders provided amusing people-watching as we speculated on their chances of making it to the top. 

Aside from the crowds, the day was just good clean fun.  Well, it was actually kind of dusty, but you know what I mean.  The weather was perfect.  The skies were clear and the views were amazing.  It was just enough of a challenge that my legs complained a little bit the next morning...but not enough to keep me from wanting to do it again.

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