Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Irony and an Ego Boost

Here are two funny stories from the past week.  Maybe funny is too strong of a word.  Amusing.  To be clear, these stories are completely unrelated and are not paired together for any particular reason other than the fact that each made me laugh.  But it wasn't a big enough laugh to warrant a blog spotlight.  But together?  Smashing.  (-:

I took my kids to the mall play area last week before we started back on the school routine.  We got there early and had the place mostly to ourselves.  Naturally, someone had to go potty.  Of course you have to wander through the food court to get to the mall potty.  The mall stores were still closed in these wee hours of the morning, but the Donut House was open for business.  Do you see where this is headed?  I'm dragging two kids through the lifeless mall (aside from the vigorous mall walkers) and  the Donut House appears in the food court as a beacon of hope to weary potty travelers.  How does a mom drag her kids past the Donut House to the potty without actually purchasing a donut?  Well, it's nearly impossible.  Most days I'm up for the task, but on the last day of summer I caved.  I waited for the kids to ask.  They did not disappoint. 

I purchased one pink donut with sprinkles and split it between the two of them.  My two year old son took one sniff of that donut, chugged his milk and then threw his donut IN THE TRASH.  I kid you not. 

You heard it here first.  There is one child in America who will voluntarily toss junk food where it belongs. 

And the Ego Boost:
I've been in the market for a new hairdresser.  The one I have been going to for years has adopted two kids and decided to stay home to be a full-time mommy.  I can't really begrudge her that, can I? 

Well, maybe a little. 

I support any woman that puts her kids first over career. Except if you happen to be the gal that does my hair.  Because, really?  Finding a new hairdresser?  It's kind of like discovering your favorite brand of underwear has been suddenly discontinued.  What do you do?  Where do you go?  It's so personal....which friend do you trust to give you a referral??

Well, I went with a gal that my former hairdresser recommended.  She was cute.  Funny.  Chatty.  She's got kids the same age as mine.  And she gave a great haircut.  But here's what sealed the deal.  Our conversation somehow got around to age (on the first haircut!!).  She casually asked me how old I was and then said, "We're probably around the same age, right? Mid-30's?" 

SOLD!  New hairdresser (and potential BFF) found.

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